Fuorisalone 2019
After its Xth anniversary celebration, under the wise guide of Founder and Art Director Valentina Fontana the brand opened its second decade, willing to honour both its origins and its more recent history.
From the monolithic and challenging shapes of its debut to the refined and exclusive finishes of the out of the box latest collections, never forgetting the boldness of pure aluminium: altreforme thousands facets came together in its new proposals, three different cabinets which seduced the public through their unexpected features.
Once again some of the leaders of Italian design have chosen to dedicate their artcraft to altreforme: Marcantonio (second collaboration with the brand), Antonio Aricò (third collaboration already) and Elena Salmistraro, (first collaboration with altreforme, whose new enter makes the team so proud).
The iconic projects were exposed during Fuorisalone of Milano at the prestigious Galleria Rossana Orlandi, whose patroness “sponsored” the special Xth anniversary limited collection Raw&Rainbow last year and glad to host the brand in its unique gallery once again.